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The point of the game is to repeatedly press the Z and X keys in an effort to gain some higher status in your actual life in the real world. This is less of a game and more of an individually ran self-improvement session.

The "game" can be viewed as a traditional and conservative 2D fighter. Your attack buttons are Z and X, and correctly timing key presses is necessary to pull off advanced combos, dealing greater damage to the opponent. There is only 1 true combo string in the game, and only 6 attacks, with each attack only being performed if the prerequisite attack was successfully executed. Players are challenged by not knowing the correct input for the combo string, and are not given the option to learn from their mistakes as the combo string is continuously randomized.

Pro tip: Though it may be difficult to tell if you entered the incorrect command for a particular attack, while in the ending lag of a failed move you can spam the wrong key presses to increase your "redemption gauge", which provides an increasing probability of being granted access to a subsequent attack upon incorrect input. However, in this circumstance what constitutes a "wrong key press" is also random.

This is a shining example of the quintessential aspect of 2D fighters: not knowing what you're doing or how to play. Most games of the genre are notoriously difficult to learn and master, and many beginners and intermediates lose to lesser practiced button mashers. In this game, all you can hope to do to win is button mash, and not button mashing can likely lead to your defeat. This holds true while at the same time successful button mashing does not mean you know what you're doing.

Please note that the characters depicted in the game are not fighting each other, but instead are reciting compliments and pleasantries of greater and greater magnitude and invasiveness. While I used the words "fighter" and "attack" to describe the game, it is only due to the societal norms placed upon the public by a systemic perversion of how real people interact with one another. The exchange of kind words is a much more likely occurrence in our society than a "martial arts fight to the death", but the main stream media chooses to focus on violence and divisive tactics. Also note that the characters are anthropomorphic oatmeal cookies. The game lacks a certain level of much needed context.

Tags2D, Arcade, combos, cookies

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